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빠른 링크 - 예매 서비스

항공권예매 Flight Reservation

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항공권 예매/발권 가이드

예매가 더욱 쉽고 간편해졌습니다. 예약부터 발권과 좌석 선택까지, 더욱 편리해진 제주항공의 서비스를 만나 보세요!

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Ticket Service - Booking / Payment

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Internet Reservation

  • Book your domestic and international ticket online on the JEJU AIR website at anytime you want.
  • Websites for the regional site of your departure are available to help booking.
  • Online booking is completed after the payment.
Book Domestic Flight Book International Flight

Credit Card Payment

  • 1.Payments can be made with a Credit/Debit Card. (But only internationally released cards can be used for payment in the case of Hong Kong’s regional website.)
  • 2.Purchase of flight tickets are completed when the card holder approves authorization for the paid amount.
  • 3.Due to limitations and refund policies of certain credit card companies, some cards may not be used for purchase.
  • 4.Interest-free installment service is provided with each credit card. Check available card for interest-free installment on the payment approval screen.
  • 5.Corporate cards are divided into ‘inscribed’ (registered personal name) and ‘uninscribed’ (registered corporate name) and involve a confirmation process with Registration Number with BC, KB, KEB, Samsung, Hana, Amex and Hanmi Cards. Other cases involve a confirmation process with Business License number. (Payment method may be changed depending on the policies of credit card companies.)

Payment plan process

  • 1.JEJU AIR’s website provides credit card authentication services through ISP and MPI during purchase of airline tickets for safe and secure electronic transactions.
  • 2.Whether to choose ISP or MPI services depends on the credit card you have, and it should be registered in advance with your card company for the authentication services. In the case of transactions over 300,000 won, the use of public key certificates is mandatory but detailed procedures vary depending on credit card companies.
  • - Internet Secure Payment (ISP) : BC card (Hana BC card included), KB card, Woori card, savings bank card
  • - Merchant Plug-in (MPI) : all the other credit cards

Please check before payment!

  • ActiveX controls are required to authenticate ISP/MPI transactions.
  • Credit card authentication is required for safe and secure online payments, for which ActiveX controls provided by credit card issuers are needed.
  • As ActiveX controls can operate only on Internet Explorer, flight ticket payments are not available in other web browsers.
    - To install ActiveX controls without problems, you should turn off pop-up blockers on JEJU AIRr’s website.
    - Enable Pop-up Blocker: Tools in the browser’s upper menu > Pop-up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.
    - To allow pop-ups on JEJU AIR’s website only : Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings > add “*” to the [Trusted Sites] list.

Type of authentication by card

  • Type of ISP authentication by card
    - ISP: BC card (Hana BC card included), KB card, Woori card, Savings banks card.
  • ISP
    Card Type Card Company Use Payment Option
    (under 300,000 won)
    Payment Option
    (300,000 won and over)
    Personal(Credit/Check) KB, BC ISP ISP+ public key certificates
    Corporate(Credit/Check) KB, BC Individual ISP ISP+ public key certificates
    Group ISP ISP

  • Type of MPI authentication by card
  • MPI
    Card Type Card Company Use Payment Option
    (under 300,000 won)
    Payment Option
    (300,000 won and over)
    Personal Samsung, Shinhan,
    Hyundai, Lotte, KEB
    MPI or public key certificates public key certificates (mandatory)
    Corporate Hyundai Individual MPI or public key certificates public key certificates (mandatory)
    Samsung, Shinhan, KEB, Lotte Group MPI MPI or public key certificates
    Individual MPI or public key certificates public key certificates (mandatory)
    Samsung, Shinhan, KEB, Lotte Group MPI or public key certificates public key certificates (mandatory)
  • ※ The information above may be modified by card company’s change of circumstances or policies, and please contact a card company’s customer service center for more details.

  • Use of Debit/Prepaid/Gift/Check Card
    - Debit Card: Payment not available because credit card authentication is unavailable
    - Debit/Gift/Samsung All at Card: Payment not available because partial refund is unavailable
    - Check Card: cards issued by banks available

Purchase Online Transfer Account (Available Time : 01:30 ~ 23:30 everyday)

  • 1.This is a service that directly transfers flight fare from your bank account.
  • 2.Available after member log-in.
  • 3.JEJU AIR’s online transfer account service is done by the Bank Pay service of the Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute. All customers with public key certificate of bank/stock firm can use the service.
  • 4.Changes to your reservation online is not possible with a real time transfer account purchased ticket. Please get a refund and repurchase to change your reservation. But please keep in mind that the fare changes depending on real time reservation status.
  • 5.No extra charge will be added; the limited amount per account per day is 10 million KRW. (But, for KEB, according to its own bank policy, the limited amount per account at once is KRW 500,000 and 1 million KRW per day.)
  • 6.Available time of the service can vary on each financial organization. The service will temporarily stop from 23:30~01:30 of the next day due to system check-ups.

Receipt of e-ticket(Electronic Ticket)

  • e-ticket is your electronic ticket, not in paper form.
  • Detailed information regarding your purchased e-ticket will be sent to the e-mail address you have given during the reservation. (You may receive by fax when reserved with phone call.)
  • Print your e-ticket itinerary & receipt received by e-mail or fax. Show it to the airport counter to select your seat and receive your boarding pass.
  • Please keep your e-ticket itinerary & receipt until the end of your journey in case of necessary inquiries from immigration and customs.


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