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항공권예매 Flight Reservation

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항공권 예매/발권 가이드

예매가 더욱 쉽고 간편해졌습니다. 예약부터 발권과 좌석 선택까지, 더욱 편리해진 제주항공의 서비스를 만나 보세요!

항공권 예매/발권 바로가기

Call / APP Reservation

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Call Reservation

  • This is our service to reserve and to check your reservation via phone calls.
  • In case of call reservation, the payment period is separately informed and will automatically be cancelled if the payment is not made in time.
  • Only credit card payment is available through JEJU AIR Reservation Center.

JEJU AIR Reservation Center

Korea Reservation Center

- Tel : 1599-1500 (From Overseas : +82-1599-1500)

- Working Hours : Everyday 07:00 ~ 21:00


- Tel : 0570-001132

- Working Hours Everyday 07:00 ~ 21:00

- Only Japanese destinations are available. Japanese local phone fare will be charged when placing a call within Japan.

Application Reservation

  • Real-time domestic and international flight search and ticket is available.
  • Domestic and international flight information, seat assignments in reading, at a time until payment is available.
  • You can check your reservation information.
  • My page views from the point of information and coupons are available.
  • Travel planner to help travelers with their travel arrangements, scheduling can be managed from the preparation to the goods.
  • Around via GPS, including photos, notes, etc. displayed on the map, your journey can be recorded and shared.
Download JEJU AIR Application

Receipt of e-ticket(Electronic Ticket)

  • e-ticket is your electronic ticket, not in paper form.
  • Detailed information regarding your purchased e-ticket will be sent to the e-mail address you have given during the reservation. (You may receive by fax when reserved with phone call.)
  • Print your e-ticket itinerary & receipt received by e-mail or fax. Show it to the airport counter to select your seat and receive your boarding pass.
  • Please keep your e-ticket itinerary & receipt until the end of your journey in case of necessary inquiries from immigration and customs.


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