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Establishment of JEJU AIR

Foundation ceremony for JEJU AIR on Decemer 2004 First flight of JEJU AIR in June 2006

JEJU AIR is Korea's third distinguished national airline, following Korean Air and Asiana Air, established by Aekyung Group and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province in January 2005.

JEJU AIR launched off with domestic flights in June 5, 2006, aiming for reasonable prices and enjoyable service. Since then, it has launched international flights in July 2008 and is currently positioning as the first global airline to launch regular international flights in domestic LCC (Low Cost Carrier) ever since March 2009.

JEJU AIR utilizes the B737-800 aircraft (186~189 passenger seats) from the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, The Boeing Company, USA. As of February 2011, we have 3 domestic destinations, including Seoul(Gimpo)~Jeju, Cheongju~Jeju and Busan(Gimhae)~Jeju, and 4 Japanese destinations including Incheon~Osaka, Incheon~Kitakyushu, Gimpo~Osaka and Gimpo~Nagoya. In addition, we have 4 Southeast Asian destinations such as Incheon~Bangkok, Incheon~Hong Kong, Incheon~Manila and Busan~Cebu. Thus, JEJU AIR launched 8 regular routes to 7 cities in 4 countries: Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong, becoming the leader of LCC in Northeast Asia, managing the biggest number of international flights among national LCC.


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