About Jeju Air | Jeju Air
Korea's representative airliner, JEJU AIR

Jeju Air is Korea's fastest growing airliner.

Since its founding in 2005, it has been expanding fast in line with customer's demand for reasonable fares and it continues to bring innovation to airline industry.

Jeju Air has realized popularization of air travel and has turned Korea into a tourist destination using never before tried approaches.

We operate domestic route between Gimpo and Jeju, the world’s busiest route and more than 20 routes to major Asian cities in Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Oceania (Guam, Saipan).

There are 1,100 employees as of January 2015, and our base is Gimpo Airport in Seoul and Incheon Airport.

We are ready to reduce all of our costs in order to reduce our customer's air fare.

We will not compromise on the most important aspect - safety - and we make every effort for on-time flights.