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  • Flight departure and arrival information is according to a local time and schedules are subject to government approval and may be changed without any prior notice.
  • Delay or cancel is when the departure or arrival time is delayed by 30 minutes or more for flights within 3 hours according to the current Korean Standard Time


  • Flight number Departure Arrival Departure Time


  • Flight number Departure Arrival Departure Time


  • Flight number Departure Arrival Departure Time
  • You can check by entering the segment or flight number together with boarding date.
  • Departure & arrival time is based on local Korea Time.
  • Departure Day

Check by segment

  • Origin
  • Destination

Check flight number

  • Departing flight

Refresh Point

New standard for flight mileage!
Earn 5% of the flight fare.
This is a mileage program where you can earn Refresh Points of 5% of net air fare which can be used for purchase flight tickets by transferring and collecting points with family and friends.
(50P earned per 1,000 won, 1P = 1 won worth)

Special offer for registering online

New members will earn 1,000 points when signing up.

Earn bonus points for reboarding

1,500 points for reboarding 3 times; 5,500 points for 11 times

Earn Missing Points

Non-members who have registered as a member after boarding may also earn points.

Purchasing Points

Do you some extra points?
You may purchase those points.

Point gift

Give your points to your lover, family, and friends

Transfer of points

You can transfer your points to your family or acquaintances.

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Number of passengers

Enter date of birth to determine child/infant


Children/infants boarding information

Notes on boarding
  • Be sure to bring documentation to demonstrate date of birth.
  • For an infant who takes a seat, please select child.
Children/infants age standard Children
  • Domestic Flight - As of the first departure date: 2 - 12
  • International Flight - As of the first departure date: 2 - 11
  • Domestic Flight - As of boarding date: 7 days - 1 year old (less than 24 months old)
  • International Flight : As of boarding date: 14 days - 1 year old (less than 24 months old)


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