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allowed in-flight luggage

  • adult
  • Children
  • Infants

All domestic/international flights


10kg or less

Allowed specification for in-flight luggage

A + B + C
Sum of lengths of three sides (cm)
*including handle and wheels

All domestic and international routes
Within 115cm

allowed carry-on luggage

  • bags(small size), coats and other clothes, blankets/covers, small digital devices, books, Infant goods (baby carriage not included), other aids (transported separately)
  • may be stowed on in-flight shelves or under seats and may be trabsported for free under condition that passgenger safekeeps them and remains fully liable.

Luggage prohibited from carrying on in-flight

  • Explosives, radioactive materials, contaminants, toxins, flammables, other hazardous substances, spears or knives or swords, sports equipments, firearms, martial arts equipments, tools
  • If prohibited goods pursuant to article 44 of 「Act on air safety and security 」 are brought on board , you may become subject to penalty of incarceration of two years to years.
  • This applies in airports in Korea. If your destination is overseas, please confirm with the airline or travel agency of there are other prohibited goods.

Prioirty luggage service (door side)

Domestic flight

  • Cost per one luggage 3,000 KRW / 3 USD

International flight

  • Cost per one luggage 5,000 KRW / 5 USD
what is priority luggage service?
  • Priority Baggage Service provides you a quick baggage delivery.
  • May be purchased only at the airport on the day of departure.
  • Refund is not available after purchase. (including airline delay)
  • wheelchair, baby carriage, medical device, sports equipment and other special luggage may be treated on priority basis.

Checking luggage at boarding gate

Per count, local currency

  • 1st baggage 20,000 KRW / 20 USD
  • 2nd baggage 100,000 KRW / 100 USD
  • From 3rd baggage (per baggage) 200,000 KRW / 200 USD
  • Any luggage other than one carry-on luggage must be checked in.
  • Additional handling fees may be assessed if checked in at the boarding gate. (if weight/number of item is exceeded, additional fee may be assessed)
  • Baggage that exceeds 23kg should be packed separately.(Fees are imposed for each excess weight and piece)
  • Applicable only for international flights. (Domestic flights excluded)
  • Wheelchair and baby carriage are excluded from assessment.
  • Duty-free may be carried on board if included in carry-on goods.