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Stored for 1 months from date of acquisition
Provided, however, perishable goods will be discarded from time to time


Check for lost items via "Contact Us"
Claim by visiting after receiving information on how to claim your lost goods


To claim lost goods, please bring your ID
You will not be able to claim your goods without proper identification

  • Lost goods are registered within 2~3 days after found in in-flight.
  • Please claim your lost goods after receiving information on how and where to claim them.

Please inquire at lost and found institution at airport of arrival and departure for goods lost at the airports outside of planes.

  • Incheon International Airport : 032-741-3110
  • Busan Airport : 051-972-2346
  • Cheongju International Airport : 043-210-6328
  • Kimpo International Airport : 02-2660-4097
  • Jeju International Airport : 064-797-2267
  • Daegu Airport: 053-980-5250