Sports Membership | Service | JEJU air


“Free of charge for sports item
baggage for a year!”

What is Sports Membership?

  • This is free baggage service you can use only for sports item when you trip to JEJU air's routes
  • Nomal baggage fee is offered by regular regulation.
  • Free for sports
    item baggage

    1 baggage / up to 20kg

  • Special discount
    coupon offer

    Equivalent to 30,000 won

  • Save up Refresh point
    Earn 5% of the
    flight ticket price

  • Special event
    Give special flight fare
    for our member

available sports item

  • Scuba diving gear / Golf / Bicycles / Skiing, Snowboard / Surfboard, Windsurfing
  • Sports Membership is only allowed to 1 sports item of the above (within 20Kg).
  • Size : 277cm (sum of width X length X height)

Sports Membership regular price :

Online special price :

* Validity period : 1 year from the day after purchase

Step to use



Join us as JEJU air’s
member on online


Purchase Sport Membership
on PC/Mobile


Show your mobile membership card
when you check your baggage


Get addition baggage
benefit for sports item

Terms and Conditions

  • Sports Membership is only available to you.
  • Only JEJU air online members can join.
  • Sports membership can be used the day after purchase.
  • Free benefits for sports items are available for 1 item
    (within 20kg), and you have to charge about excess baggage.
  • You can not extend the valid period of Sports Membership and can only re-purchase.
  • When checking sports item baggage, Must pack and check in a special packaging.Do not pack together with normal baggage.
  • Cancellation after purchase is available only on the day of purchase at My Page → My Sports Membership → Detail View in our homepage.