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항공권예매 Flight Reservation

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항공권 예매/발권 가이드

예매가 더욱 쉽고 간편해졌습니다. 예약부터 발권과 좌석 선택까지, 더욱 편리해진 제주항공의 서비스를 만나 보세요!

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International Fare

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  1. Round trip fare of relevant destination based on departure date, may be different from the actual fare depending on online reservation rate and available seat.
  2. A fuel surcharge and taxes are subject to change due to currency exchange rate fluctuations on the date of ticket issue.
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Ticket Purchase Condition

  • 1.Flight and baggage applies to JEJU AIR International passengers and baggage.
  • 2.Ticket cannot be donated to others.
  • 3.Change and cancellation of confirmed reservation should be informed to JEJU AIR before departure. Extra cancellation charges will be applied on change and cancellation.
  • 4.Objections on baggage damage may be placed when also confirmed by the airline, and compensation should be requested within 7 days from receipt date.
  • 5.For damage and loss of baggage that have not previously been reported high value, compensation rate of 20USD per kg and 400kg per person will be provided for carry in baggage.
  • 6.Explosives, pressure gas, flammables (solid or liquid), corrosive material, reactive material, radio active material and other dangerous goods that may harm others or the carriage cannot be carried as baggage or carry-on pieces.


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