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  • 2017 1st SUPER SALE

    33703 2016.12.28 ~ 2017.01.13

  • 2017 1st
Airfare Max 98% Discount
2017.01.04 PM 5:00(KST)SUPER SALE Tickets are only available on JEJU AIR Mobile APP.
Download JEJU AIR Mobile APP and Join the JEJU AIR Membership in advance!
Booking Period : 2017.01.04 PM 5:00(KST) ~ 2017.01.13 PM 5:00(KST)
Travel Period : 2017.06.01 ~ 2017.11.30
Purchase Channel : JEJU AIR Mobile APPiOS APP Download
Android APP DownloadIOSAndroidInternational Flights
15USD~ (own way fare)
Manila – Seoul(Incheon)
Cebu – Seoul(Incheon)
20MYR~ (own way fare)
Kota Kinabalu – Seoul(Incheon)
30USD~ (own way fare)
Guam – Seoul(Incheon)
Saipan – Seoul(Incheon) Domestic Flights
2,800KRW~ (one way fare)
Seoul(Gimpo) – Jeju
Cheongju – Jeju
Daegu – Jeju
Busan - JejulineKorea’s Leading LCC,
JEJU AIR give the 1st Gift of Travel on January, 2017
    2017 JEJU AIR Campaign with Song Joong Ki Video Share (SNS)
    SNSblankDouble Refresh Point(Air Miles) Rewards
Earn Double Mileages (up to 10% of the flight fare) during SUPER SALE
Booking Period : 2017.01.04 PM 5:00(KST) ~ 2017.01.13 PM 5:00(KST)Travel Period : 2017.06.01 ~ 2017.11.30 (Boarding basis)
Double Point Earning Fare : Passengers who purchase the tickets including Super Fare
Double Point Earning Period :  Earn points within 60 days after the boarding
Earning Points : Basic 5% + additional 5% of the flight farepoint[Terms & Conditions]
Super Fare is only available at JEJU AIR Mobile APP.
Super Fare allows you to take 10kg of hand carry baggage, but excludes checked baggage.
If you have checked baggage, we recommend you to purchase pre-paid baggage allowance by JEJU AIR Hompage which offers 15kg checked baggage with up to 50% discount from basic charges. Please see the details on Baggage Information of our website.
If you need free checked baggage, please purchase Special or Regular Fare.
Free additional baggage benefits based on membership level are not applied to the Super fare, except for Saver, Special, Regular Fare.
Fuel surcharge and airport taxes are not included.
A fuel surcharge and taxes are subject to change due to a floating exchange rate on the date of ticket issuance.
Super Fare is applied on limited number of seats and will not be possible to book by reservation rates in real time.
Super Fare is not applied on some flights or dates by our sales policy.
There are limited number of seats for each departing dates
Please check the specific information about change/cancellation or refund when purchasing of a confirmed reservation.
The discount rate is calculated based on our regular flight fare except a fuel surcharge and airport taxes.
Flight schedules are subject to government approval and may be changed without prior notice.
Flight schedules are based on local time and date.
Double refresh point will be automatically admitted into your ID around 20th of the next month after the month of boarding.
It is possible to earn double points only if you input your membership number when you purchase the air ticket. (if you purchase the ticket after logged in, it will be automatically applied)
Double refresh points which earned during Super Sale promotion can be used for 12months after the day of earning the point and it is not possible to transfer to other people.