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Privileged Exchange Rate

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Shinhan Bank  

Shinhan Bank (Discount of Exchanging Comm.)
  • Exclusive offer for JEJU air’s passengers!

    Shinhan Bank Airport Branch Currency Exchange Privilege!

For exchange in Shinhan Bank Airport Branch, discount 60% at maximum

Method of Use : Passengers present JEJU air’s boarding pass

Relevant Branches : Shinhan Bank Incheon Int’l Airport / Gimpo Int’l Airport Currency Exchange Office

Discount rate of exchange commission
- US Dollar(USD), Japan Yen(JPY), Euro(EUR) : 60%
- China Yuan(CNY) : 40%
- Thai Bart(THB), Hong Kong Dollar(HKD) : 30%

Busan Bank 

Busan Bank
  • A compulsory course for overseas travel, exchange!
    Will provide the more various exchange privilege to Jeju Air’s customers in Busan.

For exahcnge in Busan Bank branches, 50% discount at maximum

Method of Use : Passengers present Jeju Air;s boarding pass or bokking/issuing confirmation
Subject branches : Domestic branches of Busan Bank
Discount rate of exchange commission

- Japanese Yen(JPY), Taiwan New Dollar(TWD), US Dollar(USD), Thai Baht(THB) : 50%
- The other currencies : 30%


The period of exchange privilege

1.Apr.2015 ~ 31.Mar.2016


Busan Bank Customer Center : 1588-6200 , 1544-6200


Hana SK Card – JEJU AIR AMEX Platinum Card
  • Discount for JEJU AIR flight tickets! Up to 10% discount for coffee 5~10% discount for JEJU AIR flight tickets Free tickets for airport limousine/ airport railway.

5~10% discount for JEJU AIR flight tickets

Request discount during the reservation of JEJU AIR’s flight tickets (numbers of discount : 6 times per year, 1 time per month)

JEJU AIR HANA SK CARD User Guide for 5~10% Discount
Use record of the last monthdiscount ratediscount amount
Same of more than KRW 300,000 ~ under KRW 600,0005%KRW 15,000 per month at maximum
Same of more than KRW 600,00010%KRW 30,000 per month at maximum

Save 1% of OK Cash Back of Jeju Airline / Use

10% discount for family restaurants

10% discount for Cafes

Discount KRW 50 per liter at SK Gas Stations

Discount for electronic transfer of mobile communication fee

American Express Platinum additional service

Airport lounge service, airport free coffee service, airport limousine / airport railway service, airport F&B discount service, at-site discount in duty-free shops etc.


Woori ⓔ-choice Card
  • New-concept of tailored card that customers can design as they want claimed discount for JEJU AIR’s flight tickets.

Select the first common service (choose 1)

Discount KRW 10,000 for JEJU AIR flight tickets (applied on the condition that the previous month performance is same of more than KRW 300,000, and paid same of more than KRW 50,000, 1 time per year)

Everland free coupon / Caribbean Bay ticket discount

Select service of preferred franchise (choose 5)

Select 5 franchises out of total 30 franchises regardless of the kind of business, request 7% discount

Gifticon Service: targeting to new customers, provide Gifticons to using customers

Basic service: Two-in-One service, bank transaction fee exempted

July 2017 Interest Free Installment Plan 

Credit cardDivisionApplied amountInstallment monthsCondition
BC CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~5 monthlyInterest Free Installment
Shinhan CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~3 monthlyInterest Free Installment
SlimOver ₩50,0006, 10 monthlySlim Installment(Except Shinhan BC Card)
KB CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~5 monthlyInterest Free Instellment
PartialOver ₩50,0006, 10 monthlyPartial Interest Free Installment(Except KB BC Card)
Hyundal CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~3 monthlyInterest Free Instellment
Samsung CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~5 monthlyInterest Free Instellment
Citi CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~10 monthlyARS Interest Free(ARD : 1544-7770) Except Citi BC Card
Lotte CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~5 monthlyARS Interest Free(ARD : 1544-5320)
SlimOver ₩50,0006, 10 monthlySlim Installment
Woori CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~5 monthlyInterest Free Instellment
NH Nonghyup CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~5 monthlyInterest Free Instellment
PartialOver ₩50,0006~12 monthlyARS Partial Interest Free Installment(ARS : NH Nonghyup Cheum 1644-2009, NH Nonghyup BC 1899-5722)
Hana CardNormalOver ₩50,0002~5 monthlyInterest Free Instellment(Including Former Korea Exchange Card / Hana SK Card / Hana BC Card)